Our new business venture with “FORE” BUSINESS.

From the “FORE” Business website:

‘The green being the perfect ‘playing field’ for important business meetings, discussions and negotiations to take place; “FORE” Business was born with the thought, ‘what better way to encourage successful business relationships than to create an actual members club for business owners who enjoy golf and love to network?’.

Joining up with “FORE” Business wasn’t something I would typically do. But in an ongoing effort to expand our clientele and build relationships with companies, we can work with, for, or hire. After being introduced to FORE” Business, and their business model, their business seemed like the perfect way to accomplish all of this.

As an avid fan of golf I and I often enjoy around with friends and colleagues, the idea of being able to do something I enjoy whilst promoting the business, almost sounded too good to be true.

As of November Luxco Contracts has been a proud member for 4 months and has enjoyed a lot of golf during this time.

I have met numerous numbers of business owners, of all sizes. Going from one-man band’s to multi-million-pound operations. All with the same, or similar reason’s for being there that I had. Some of which I have now played with multiple times and have gotten to know not only on a business level but on a personal one too.

As a result of the relationships that have already been built, our Luxco has already started reaping the benefits. Some changes that have already been implemented, business opportunities that have already begun, and even more than we are excited about for the future.

As I said at the start, joining up with “FORE” Business, wasn’t something I would typically do. But when an opportunity to build your business announces itself, sometimes it is worth a leap of faith.

Especially if incorporated into the opportunity is something that you are already doing, and are enjoying doing, surely it is worth it all the more.

If anyone considering joining “FORE” Business I would happily recommend the company. Sean and Aaron have and are doing an amazing job and I believe they have just branched out to the USA which is a great achievement for their business.

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