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As Christmas time quickly approaches. We thought it was a good time to advise on electrical safety. How to keep your home safe whilst decorating your Christmas trees and houses this festive period.

Precautions to take when Putting Up Your Christmas lights:

The majority of us will only use our Christmas lights once a year; therefore it is very important we test them PRIOR to us putting them up again. Additionally, if your old Christmas lights have been stored uncovered, in bad conditions all year, it’s an even better idea to just replace them.

Here are some simple precautionary checks you can carry out when fitting your Christmas lights:

  • Always read the instructions and keep them for future use.


  • Always check that your Christmas electrical safety tips lights are not damaged anywhere before plugging them in.


  • Replace faulty bulbs immediately. Only use replacement bulbs that are the same type and rating. If you can’t find the same ones, we suggest binning them and buying a new set.


  • Only plug your outdoor lighting into an RCD protected socket, this reduces the risk of electric shock and fires. Also, make sure any electrics outside are plugged into weatherproof sockets


  •  Do not overload power sockets, this can easily lead to overheating and fires.


  • Always turn your lights off when you go to bed or you are out of the house. Alternatively, invest in a timer to make sure you don’t forget.

Christmas electrical safety Tips council now recommends the use of LED lights over traditional filament or lantern lights. This is because:


  • They operate at extra low voltage, significantly reducing the risk of electric shock.


  • They use 80-90% less electricity to run. Not only does this reduce the risk of overheating, but it also reduces the amount of electricity used (lower bills).


  •  They are also made of more durable material as there is no filament, which reduces the chance of them breaking.


How to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

The majority of Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent your Christmas tree from causing a fire:


  • If you prefer an artificial Christmas tree, make sure it is fire resistant.


  • Ensure your smoke/fire alarm is working (you should be checking them regularly anyway).


  • Dry trees catch fire more easily. So water your tree daily to prevent it from drying out.


  • Do not place your tree near any heat source, No matter how pretty it may look there.


  • If you have pets or young children, don’t leave them unsupervised near your tree


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and you now feel happy and equipped to decorate your house and Christmas tree, not only in style (as usual I’m sure) this festive period, but safely too.

Enjoy getting ready for Christmas from us all here at Luxco

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