Pros and Cons of Office Air Conditioning


It has become common to install airconditioning systems in your office or place of business. It was once considered a luxury now it seems that it is essential to an office environment. However, people should be careful that the correct systems are being installed and that they are being maintained regularly. Office air conditioning may have gained an unfairly poor reputation due to improperly managed and faulty maintenance of the systems.


Benefits of Office Air Conditioning:


1) Increased Productivity and Job Performance

Keeping your employees in a comfortable environment will ensure they are working at their true capacity. Whilst it’s been proved that temperature extremes can have a negative impact on the health and motivation of your employees, controlling this can lead to a more productive workforce.

2) The Health of your Employees

As an employer, a temporary loss of your workforce can be damaging to your business even only for a short time. Installing a professional air conditioning system in your office is a step forward in protecting your employee’s health, with improved ventilation and filtered air you are avoiding the level of allergens in the air and pollen. The reduced temperature in the summer months also reduces the number of parasites and insects in the air.

The Downside of Air Conditioning:


1) Poor installations of Air conditioning

Unfortunately, there are pros and cons to everything, its important to know both sides before making a decision on an air conditioning system.

As with all trades and industries be careful who you choose to install your system for you. Do some research and make sure you are using a professional company that is able to deliver the services for a fair price and stay away from ‘this one cheaper’ attitude. Often they are cheaper for a reason, ie. poor installation or electrical service. You wouldn’t buy a Bentley for the cost of a Fiesta and expect it to be the same quality.

Improper installation can cause excessive cooling which can lead to problems with your system not to mention an increase in utility costs.

2) Ambient Noise

Though massive improvements have been made on the Db levels of air condition systems, there is still some low-level noise that can not be avoided due to the filtration aspect. If you need a quiet working environment best to opt for the ‘Silent’ range which will keep the noise to a minimum.


These are some of the pros and cons you should consider before purchasing a centralized or single-unit air con system. Don’t forget that while the air has been filtered, it is still recommended for the space to be ventilated regularly. It is essential that the system is maintained and installed professionally to avoid problems. When using any form of climate control, whether heating or cooling, be sure to keep the air humidity between 60-70%, which is the optimum you should work towards to avoid any problems.

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