Monthly Maintenance Service Contracts

"Maintaining your future"

Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Maintaining your future

What could your maintenance contract consist of?

Luxco are pleased to offer maintenance contracts for Emergency Lighting, Fixed Wire testing and Fire Alarm servicing. We are able to break the pricing down to a pay monthly service, combined in the cost you can have all or part of these services with the ability to pick and choose to suit your needs and your budget:


    1. Monthly Visit to carry out an emergency light test within your buildings
    2. Full 3 hour shut down test – at a time to suit you,
    3. Comprehensive monthly maintenance report sent out each month, detailing any fails.
    4. Advisories for work that is needed eg. Replacement bulb or light fitting
    5. A reminder and booking in of next test
    6. A yearly Fire Alarm full maintenance with reminder booking
    7. Yearly EV charging point maintenance
    8. Fixed wire test can be carried out within the life of the plan


Working with a dedicated account manager at the end of the phone to help and advise you what needs to be done and when, no more trying to locate paper work, we manage the whole process for you – simply.

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Fire Alarm Servicing

We can provide you with a full maintenance package that will be easy to understand and comply with all current legislation.

Fire Alarm systems should be serviced at least every 6 months depending on your installation and number of people using the building.

Emergency Light Testing

It is a legal requirement that all commercial and industrial premises have to have a safe exit for anyone that is in the building with exits being well lit and clearly marked. It is recommended that you have a monthly flick test done to check which lights are working to enable any that are to be replaced.

It is compulsory that a full shut down is performed at least once a year and in more vulnerable premises such as residential homes to have a 6 monthly full discharge check. On our standard monthly plan, we would operate monthly flick tests with 1 x full shut down check, this is then recorded and sent to you via email detailing any failures with costings to rectify.

These reports are acceptable to insurance companies as proof of health and safety being adhered to within a commercial setting.

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EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Reports)

All commercial premises including educational facilities, offices, retail units/outlets and pretty much any business that has either the general public, residents or employees in requires an EICR test certificate, this has to be carried out at set intervals of time dependant on the type and use of the premises. As it would suggest a Fixed Wire test is carried out by a suitably qualified person who proceeds to check all electrical circuits and wiring within a business. Once this is done with any faults rectified an EICR certificate is then issued.

Fixed wire testing is not just a legal requirement it will also give any organisation the peace of mind in knowing that everything is safe and serviceable within the electrical circuits, it also gives insurance companies the assurance that the buildings are being looked after and maintained in the best condition possible. By identifying any issues and having subsequent remedial work carried out you can rest assured your building is operating within the law and should the worst happen will be covered by insurance.

Thermographic Surveys

We can conduct a full thermographic survey report of your buildings Mechanical & Electrical installation. Thermography is a term used to describe a type of photography that uses infrared radiated wavelengths to make pictures as opposed to visible light as in normal photographs. It can be also referred to as 'thermal imaging' or 'infrared'.

When undertaking Mechanical & electrical surveys, Luxco use one of the most sophisticated thermal imaging cameras available to the commercial market with detector sizes up to 640 x 480. In digital camera terms this may initially be dismissed as a very low resolution, but it must be remembered that the data captured is equivalent to a thermometer in each cell; a maximum of 307,200 thermometer readings in every image.

A thermographic survey is used to identify any hot spots in the installation. This could highlight a loose connection with a potential risk or an unbalanced load on a 3-phase appliance, for example.

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