EV Charge Point Installers

"Maintaining your future"

EV Charging

Maintaining your future

EV Charging

Electric Vehicles are the future, with manufacturers now designing cars and even vans that are the same as their other models, making these the logical choice not just for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint but also one for those who want to save on the costs of their fuel.

Luxco are an approved OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) installers of EO charging points, currently we are the only government approved installers within a 20-mile radius (correct at time of creation) of our office.  We undertook rigorous training to achieve this and are proud to be able to offer this service in the local area.

By being an approved installer, we are able to help you claim funding from the government, who currently offer £500 towards the cost of the installation of the charging points (funding has to be applied for and is capped).

Low emission vehicle charge

Types of Chargers We Install

There are many chargers on the market and picking the right one is important. It is likely that in the not so distance future HMRC will introduce some sort of electric car tax and will want to monitor the usage of your charge so you are able to claim accurately.

With this in mind, EO (eocharging.com) have the solution with EO Cloud, this smart installation allows users to see who is charging and how much, great for commercial premises with multiple users of the same car charging point.