Luxco recently finished a #barnconversion sub divided into 3 new domestic rentable dwellings. Located near #Andover, #Hampshire. Total project duration was around 6 months. Below started as derelict barns and a farmers track running through the centre. Think you’ll agree it looks much nicer.

What your looking at is the fronts entrance to the 3 plots, with new driveway and parking for all plots.

The importance of good planning

This project had an #experienced #architect involved and I believe this is a key component to a project running smoothy. The client has received exactly what he was after and was very happy with the result. As they are being rented the internal acessories are fairly standard, but the old features like the wooden beams really make these plots special. The high ceiling in this end plot make it all feel very spacious.

We installed #LED track spot #lighting across the beams which makes them an even better feature and allows for practical lighting throughout the Kitchen/Dining/Lounge area.

Below is the plans we were given to achieve the finished product. Very easy and clear to work from, the #architect worked closely with the #building #contractors involved to make sure any changes were kept up to date and the project remained on schedule.
Another happy client.

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